Getting Students Involved in Middle School Fundraising Ideas

Bingo is one of those timeless games that everyone loves, so why not make it into a fundraising event? Host your own socially distanced bingo night over Zoom or Google, inviting players to hop on over to your donation page if they’re having a good time. There are virtual bingo cards a-plenty online, and if you want to take things up a notch, you can have prizes available, too. School administrators, coaches, teachers, and parents of middle schools struggle to find a fundraiser that brings in enough to sustain their activities. Here, we explore the advantages and issues with door-to-door fundraisers. Your child has been invited to participate in the People to People program.
This high school fundraising idea might just be the teachers’ and parents’ favorite, seeing that it encourages children to read for pleasure. Almost everyone is on social media today, so reach your supporters where they are with posts and other content reminding them to support your team! A social media campaign is a great way to promote donations in all forms, from online giving to an in-person event such as a shoe-drive fundraiser. Bring your team and their friends and family together for a fun breakfast event that raises money to cover your team’s expenses. With high school fundraisers of parent volunteers, make and sell pancakes to your supporters for a morning of bonding and fundraising. Perfect for youth baseball, basketball, and soccer teams, this fundraising idea is both easy and effective.
If you are trying to raise funds for your daycare, you probably want something that will please parents and children alike. Things like Welch’s Fruit Snacks cover all your bases as far as daycare fundraisers are concerned. Since many people stay in to promote social distancing, why not sell groceries or other items online and deliver them right to your supporters? Create and sell online food packages with a theme – for example, Italian Night or Mexican Night. Get PTO members and supporters to volunteer and deliver the packages. Throughout the year, rotate various teen- and family-friendly activities like karaoke, board game tournaments, and talent shows.
Have the students put together a list of potential sponsors and work on the ask and the follow-up. There will always be the classic fundraising communication of sending out physical letters. You can send these home with students in their backpacks or mail them directly to the homes of your potential donors.
It’s a fun way to interact with others and meet new people while cooking for a good cause. The leftover items for any event like this should be donated to a local charity that can use the additional inventory. Some organizations will give you a check for any items that you can collect if you want to avoid the sale portion.
Because the platform is online, it’s easy to use social media and other online marketing tools to publicize your fundraiser. The yearbook is a great way for parents, other family members and local businesses to offer their congratulations and best wishes to high school classes or individual students. Work with a local vendor to design and print your labels on water bottles, then price them to earn a profit. You can sell the bottles at all kinds of school events and games or offer bulk discounts for special events. You might want to charge a couple hundred dollars for each engraved brick and bring in a significant amount of funds. Your new brick wall can also serve as an art piece that you can share in literature when attracting new students to your school.
You and other volunteers, and the nonprofit can manage these tickets and purchasers’ information at the backend. The best part of this feature is that you can also accept donations from the event page. You can use these talents to raise funds and support a local nonprofit.