How Does a Silent Auction Work?

For example, you can create posts on your organization’s pages, including pictures and descriptions of the items up for auction, as well as updates on the bidding process. Another benefit of silent auctions is that they can provide valuable information on your donors’ interests and preferences. Keep in mind that offering desirable items can help create buzz around your event and attract more bidders. Running a silent auction is an excellent way to provide unique items and experiences to your supporters.
A professional auctioneer is essential to capturing the audience’s attention and getting the most money for the items on auction. In Austin, we have the Cowboy Auctioneers who are always a crowd favorite! Live auction items can bring in a lot more money than silent auction items, usually selling for close to or above their value, another important thing to consider in your fundraising goals.
Arrange silent auction tables for comfortable traffic flow all around (people can’t bid if they can’t get near the items). Divide them into three or four sections (marked with different colors), and group items loosely by dollar value. Close sections progressively, about 15 to 30 minutes apart, starting with the lowest-priced section and ending just before it’s time to sit for dinner. Make sure that you have all of the donated items out for display along with the business or person that donated the item.
As with any type of auction, the highest bidder wins the prize. All the items are displayed alongside bid sheets, where all the bids are recorded, in order. Each new bid must go up by a certain set amount, and when the auction closing time is announced, whoever has made the last bid has won. best items for silent auction is one of the most engaging fundraising events you can host because you’ll have plenty of time to communicate with your donors as they shop their way through your auction. Fine dining experiences are reliable charity auction items because restaurants are usually willing to donate meals to good causes.
Xcira’s AuctionEar app allows your supporters to bid on items in real-time while browsing through your item catalog. Plus, to promote paperless bidding, they’ll provide touch screen kiosks for your events so guests can keep up with bidding in a more convenient method. Their mobile bidding solution simplifies your event management even further. With automatic data entry with every placed bid, software from OneCause does the work for you.