Mobile Patrols TRABENDO

Our mobile security patrol teams can perform random mobile patrols to give you an increased security presence to protect your property for when static, manned guarding is either not appropriate or cost prohibitive. Our mobile patrols are scheduled in a way that prevents observers from becoming familiar and predicting our routine checks. All our vehicles are fitted with onboard GPS systems to keep our command centre informed of their movements.
A patrol officer can even assure that the access points are secured as well. When a patrol guard is onsite, they can quickly reach the area where they are needed. A Quick response time is greatly appreciated by the clients as this will assure them that investing in mobile patrol services was fruitful.
With the attendants being on site permanently this adds a visual deterrent for would be parking offenders as well as adding a visual security deterrent. An attendant can also deal with any queries regarding PCN’S that have been issued that day as opposed to being served a PCN through the post. As parking issues can be contentious our attendants are trained to the highest standard and will try and defuse any confrontation with tact and diplomacy. We can offer perimeter checks or comprehensive internal and external checks of your buildings. You can be safe in the knowledge that you are completely secure but with the benefit of lower security costs.
Our mobile patrols are the perfect security solution for businesses who want the peace of mind that their property is being watched over 24/7. Alarm response can be in conjunction with patrol services Whether your site requires frequent and/or periodic visits. One of the major components of a mobile patrol security officer’s job is to perform outside patrols. This involves surveying outdoor spaces in and around the property, including any sitting areas, parking lots, or secondary sites that belong to the main facility. This is a lot more complicated than simply making the usual rounds every hour or so, especially if there are a lot of sites and areas involved. However, Security Services Sydney is an area of security that isn’t understood well by the average person or business.
This report is then given to the DPS supervisory staff who forward each report as instructed by our clients. Mobile patrol security officers can respond quickly because they are mobile. It only takes a couple minutes to respond in a car an officer is already driving.
Make sure you and the security company you contract to provide these services agree on the specific details of how often and when their stops will occur, and the level of availability they can offer. With these points, we can see howmobile security patrolsandsecurity patrol softwarecan serve us well. If you run a security company and want to make sure you cover all these points, getting the right tech is as important as getting the right team.
Our end-to-end cash supply chain solutions make cash management smart, simple and seamless. We tailor your service to your needs, based on the risk plan, considering the crimes in the area and where the higher risk is incurred by the client. We stay in touch with you and provide regular reports so you’re always up to date.
Pyrex UK Ltd mobile patrol security system meets real world security challenges with extraordinary services. Our system is a mix of patrol cars touring the site and a general foot patrol of common areas around the building. This real time tracking and reporting gives our clients the peace of mind to know that our security personnel are carrying out their duties day & night. The service is based on our Intelligence Centre and Security Control Room. From here we can plan and control security and property management services. This provides asset protection and reduces cost and risk, for an assured return on your investment.